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Good morning good afternoon or good evening wherever you might be watching when you apply for positions new jobs you very often will go through an agency who more often than not allows you to complete a test in Excel they're looking to make sure that you have basic knowledge of Excel and the test will be something like the one that I'm about to show you and hopefully help you in your successful completion of the test at the employment agency as we complete these tasks we'll put a little tick over here so we know where we are the first task is to place a border around cells will place a border around isse evan to g12 the border command is in the font group this one here and if you hover your mouse over various icons you'll see the tooltip so I took the drop arrow and I want to choose a border we'll choose outside borders and when I click away there is my border so we can put a tick in that one is having been completed next task format the data is currency so I going to drag through and here in the number group I see the currency symbol drop arrow gives me other choices will format it as English United States and there I have my currencies if you don't want to see the two decimal points then here in the number group you have a button to decrease the decimals show fewer decimal places and each time you click the decimals to be reduced by one then of course is entirely up to you now it says wrap the text in D 14 and H 6 well in D 14 I have total cost by month it went across through be 14 because there was nothing in the 14 so if I click on D 14 I see there in the formula bar that's the contents on that particular cell and here in the alignment group is a command called wrap text and if I click wrap text that is exactly what it does well look at how to handle that so it appears a little better later also H 6 this one here wrap text and it has wrapped the text and that particular one cell so we can tick that one off now it says use a formula to calculate the average costs well the average cost I want to be in that cell for this particular group of cells and the way I could do it is to click in average cost and then in the drop arrow next to the autosum I'll see that there is an average function so I click the average function and I don't want to include the total cost of the fruit buy fruit so at this stage I'm just going to select the cells that I want to include that is e7 to g7 to get the average and if I hold down the control key and press ENTER it will show me the average cost then all I need to do is to autofill that down I did that by clicking on the autofill button in the bottom right hand corner and simply dragging down and that has copied that formula down now it says use a formula to calculate the total costs we've done the average costs so that's that one there that saw was deepened of course for your site here we'll text wrap that and the whole row was changed so we know that haven't change that for better appearance as I mentioned...